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Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate

Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate is a right solution to backup & move Outlook PST with all its attributes like emails
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24 July 2015

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It is quite a given fact that many of us try to keep a backup of MS Outlook files to ensure uninterrupted workflow in case of a situation where Outlook files get corrupted. More so there are numerous applications to do this task of transferring the files from Outlook but very few guarantee a success. While you are finding it quite troubling for keeping backup with any of your application and seeking for something better then Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate is the ultimate thing for you. This majestic software assists in efficiently backing up of your Outlook items easily. It is loaded with fine features and in bare minimum efforts you can start backing up all the vital items and contents to prevent yourself falling into trouble in future.

Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate gives you the option for creating limitless backup profiles and that too with just click of a button. It automatically detects entire contents you have in your Outlook and displays a list for you to choose from. The application leaves nothing behind and can help you transfer emails, contacts, journals, tasks and even junk email list in the backup folder easily. One interesting which you could discover in this tool is its in-built scheduler that can automatically backup the emails and other items according to the time or even you have set. Once you are done with the backup thing you can to secure the backup folder you can set password so that no one can see the other items inside the backup folder without any proper authorization. To save disk space you also can compress the backup files.

More to it the software provides 4 restore points for Getting back the previous MS Outlook state and works comfortably with all MS Outlook and Windows OS. The application receives a score of three rating points on account of its well thought out features and optimum performance.

Publisher's description

Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate will help you backup, restore and even move entire Outlook PST file with all its attributes and settings. It can be your emails, contacts, calendar items, journals tasks or any other attributes the software backs up everything and helps in restoring them back in cases of PST file corruption or if any Outlook items are deleted. It offers two backup options like:
Smart Backup: To backup entire Outlook PST file with all attributes & settings in just one click.
Advanced Backup: Offers you select required attributes & copies only those selected items.
Its in-built scheduler assists users to schedule automatic backups on weekly, daily or monthly. In addition, the backup copy can be locked with a password, compressed to any levels or the archive can be split and saved at any locations as per the available storage space. Also, it lets you create 4 restore points to ensure complete data is restored. In addition, Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate software assists you while moving your Outlook data to a new or another desktop / laptop, to upgraded Windows or Outlook version securely.
Outlook versions supported: Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & Office 365
Windows versions supported: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012.
Situations in which Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate can be used:
- To prevent Outlook data loss by backing up all attributes
- Restore back the backed up Outlook data in cases of PST corruption or deletion of any attributes
- Move Outlook from older Outlook to higher Outlook version including Office 365
- Transfer Outlook attributes to any latest Windows version including Windows 10
- While formatting hard drive or reinstalling Windows OS
- When switching to a new / another computer or laptop
Its friendly interface and handy options lets even the novice users to manage and move their Outlook data easily and comfortably
Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate
Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate
Version 1.0
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User comments

It provided me some reasonable inputs and much needed solutions. Very helpful as far as work is concerned. Backup of files is easier now. Creates restore points, incase of any loss of data it can be restored to a previous restore point. On account of all these amazing features it would be a shame to give it anything other than 5-5. Awesome software!!
Roger Waylans
Outlook isn`t for novices like me. But the sad thing is that it is an essential part for my business. Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate came as a savior, since it saved me from absolute trouble when outlook crashed. But I recovered everything since I had installed Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate. It provides auto-backup and you can go back to any point of time & recover the outlook files. Support was good too, provided me enough graphic description to understand. 5 on 5 Outstanding.
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